JouJou is a kinkajou which is a fantastic animal indeed! When we describe this fascinating little furball of life we tell that she is a “monkey cat”. She reminds us of a cat in playfulness but has a strong tail like a monkey. JouJou likes to be tickled on the stomach and when she is […]

Quilla Porcupine

Quilla loves kissing and hugging. If anyone is close she loves running up to them and kissing them with her big nose. There is only one problem. She is covered with sharp, sharp needles that would impress any hedge hog. She is also a very smelly little one. Quilla also loves eating flowers and takes […]

Deas and Natalie

MINAE (Costa Rican animal police) officer Christian Puchi pulled at the rescue ranch with a car filled with confiscated birds. Among them in a tiny cage, without a perch, food or water this little pionus was sitting. He was scared and miserable but when I looked at him, he looked back at me with his […]


Meet TucTuc! He is veeery playful and you would never guess how this Keel Billed toucan sounds 😉

Natalie the Sloth

Natalie is the smallest sloth we have ever seen. She was also the most miserable and sick little one when we found her. Abandoned, climbing at a construction yard. Learn about Natalies story. How she was rescued by the brave Animal Police, how Leslie worked day and night, tears of worries, and doctors examining the […]