About the Movie

joujou_web The Wildlife Rescue Movie tells the story of wildlife rescue efforts in breathtaking Costa Rica. We follow charismatic and inspiring people who have dedicated their lives to saving and protecting wildlife. We also meet poachers, smugglers and Costa Rican special forces who hunt them. This is a story of unconditional love to nature, deep connection between animals and humans and a commitment to give back to the planet. We follow the hardships of round the clock care, struggles of barely making it and tears of losses, together with happiness of recoveries and the joy the caretakers see every day in little brown, yellow and green eyes. deas_and_natalie_webIn the movie we follow Leslie Howle and her husband Jorge Murillo in their quest of helping animals in need. We learn of many stories like how the sloth Milo nearly died of not being able to regulate his temperature and how Leslie carried him for 2 months in a baby harness every day to keep him warm, how a porcupine on the verge of death with a hideous bite was saved and how a previously depressed parrot finally found a home and is now enjoying life with two lovers! Natalie works as a volonteer at the rescue ranch and learns how to take care of the animals and gets many new friends like Deas the parrot who had a tormented past but now only wants to cuddle, Natalie the baby sloth, Max the kinkajou, TucTuc the toucan. For the first time ever we get to see world exclusive footage of  the MINAE special forces storming illegal animal dealers rescuing captive animals. We follow the stories of how the saved animals recovers from their horrible past thanks to the gentle care and warmth of Leslie and Jorge. Above all it’s a movie about love and appreciation of every life. We believe that “Every Little Life Matters” and hope that you will join in our belief after seeing this movie. The Wildlife Rescue movie is currently in production and we are looking for investors. Our aim is a television release 2014. Follow the latest news on: Facebook.com/WildlifeRescueMovie

The Toucan Rescue RanchA015_C019_02075V

The movie is done with the  cooperation of the fantastic Toucan Rescue Ranch, a private, non-profit organization. The owners Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo work day and night to save the little ones. When they started the focus was on toucans and birds, but now the ranch has a wide array of animals: toucans, parrots, owls, sloths and kinkajous are just some of the inhabitors of the ranch. Visit Leslie, Jorge and the animals at: Facebook.com/ToucanRescue – for most frequent updates ToucanRescueRanch.com Twitter.com/ToucanRescue And please don’t forget to donate to help the animals, every little helps!

About us

  • Les Harris Award winning editor/director  with 40 years of documentary experience. Founder of the oldest Canadian documentary company Canamedia. Creator of a large number of documentaries such as the original documentary “Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper” which the 2013 Oscar winning Argo was based on.

  • Natalie Öberg (co-director, co-producer)
  • Andreas Öberg (DOP)
  • Max Lachmann, sound recorder/mixer from Pole Position Production, experienced in major productions (Dice, EA, Ubisoft). With Platinum selling songs in his backpack.
  • Olena Mikhanosha. Extra camera and  assistant sound recorder.


Join Us

To see more of the project please view behind the scenes material at: Facebook.com/WildlifeRescueMovie If you are a post-production talent and would like to contribute with your expertise, please contact us and let us
have an inspiring talk. Since this project is self-funded we are always looking for sponsors and funding. Our Kickstarter project page will come up soon! Help us make this movie a reality “Because Every Little Life Matters…”


If you would like to help support the Wildlife Rescue Movie please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 +46-(0)700324334                                                    +46-(0)760102462

 natikey at gmail.com                                  oberg.andreas at gmail.com

You can also visit our company webpage at THUNDOOR.com 

Our Friends

Our work is being done with the help and guidance of the animal protection organisation WSPA Sweden. We believe strongly in the work they are doing towards helping animals all over the world. Please support their cause! We have also been sponsored by FVLights which makes fantastic portable, cinema lighting. Without them we would not have been able to capture the animals soul like we did. We have also recieved help from Bright Tangerine, which creates in our opinion the best matte box for cinema production. Avalanche Studios, famous for the Just Cause jungle adventure games, also sponsored the Toucan Rescue Ranch supporting the animals helping them to release them back to their homes in the rainforest.


Best wishes, Natalie and Andreas